For Our Clients

2nd Opinion/Tele-Conference

– Free registration as a Micurae member,

– Collection, compilation and translation of medical history(admission and discharge summaries), radiology report (Ultrasound, CT, PET) and pathology reports(operative pathology and histology report from tissue biopsy)

– De-identification of all medical information before uploading onto Micurae platform and issuing of a unique PIN number,

– Choice of International Expert and Hospitals for 2nd opinion.

– Relevant Medical Literature Search

-Evaluation of Fees on Hospitalisation, Surgery, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy as well as local accomodation.

Overseas Consultation

– All services included with 2nd Opinion Service,
– 3 nights stay in a 4+ star hotel,
– Option of fully chauffeured car,
– 2 days accompanied by a customer manager,
– Medical interpreter for initial and a review consultation

We have extensive global connections with world-class doctors and medical professionals, selected so we can cater to all your medical needs. Connecting you and the right physician anywhere and anytime in the world is our primary objective. We believe location and language should not be barriers in seeking expert advice. We also understand there is a plethora of non-evidence based, experimental, recreational and sometimes unsafe medical practices around the globe, and we strive to protect our clients against those potentially harmful procedures and practices. We are a completely independent consultancy service and have no financial relationship with any doctors that we recommend. We choose to work with them because of their reputation, experience, and peer reviewed high standard of practice.

We highly recommend the following highly-regarded medical systems from around the world.

The Australia Health System

In a recent study by The Commonwealth Fund, Australia ranked No. 1 in the treatment of disease specific mortality, health outcomes and administrative efficiency. It ranked second in preventative care, care safety and care co-ordination. Australia’s health system is renowned for its quality and self-governance. Patients enjoy the highest standard of care, access to cutting-edge medications and trials and also enjoy superior hospitality and benefits of multi-culturalism amongst some of the world’s most lovable cities.

The American Health System

One of the most technologically advanced medical industries in the world is undoubtedly in the United States. It leads by its innovation in research and drug development. US institutions are well known internationally for their experience and state-of-the-art facilities. It is a very mature system that is sometimes difficult to navigate because of systemic issues. Although the cost of being treated in the US can be extremely high and even prohibitive, with the right guidance patients can have and afford world-class treatment there.

For Our Doctors

At MICURAE, we choose to collaborate with the most experienced doctors in different speciality disciplines. The benefit of this team approach is that we are able to recommend the best treatment and care in an integrated and independent manner. We are thus well placed to address the most complex clinical scenarios through a co-ordinated transnational, multidisciplinary approach. Through our platform, doctors and health professionals will be able to share data securely and also use video conferencing between each other. Given our trans-national presence, we have the capability of liaising with multiple doctors on behalf of our patients to ensure continuity of care. We are also in a position to establish academic exchanges between individual physicians and institutions alike to allow academic exchange, overseas exchange as well as educational opportunities.

For Hospitals and Institutions

With our relentless pursuit of high quality medical care, MICURAE is well connected to physicians, surgeons, universities, academic units as well as private entities in the biomedical world. We are in an ideal position to foster communications, research events, conferences as well as information sharing between transnational parties for the benefit of our clients. In the process, we hope to promote good and safe medicine which is evidence based.

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