MICURAE maintains its core values to look after our patients throughout their treatment and care. Register with us today to find out more.

Innovative Services from MICURAE

Who Are We
We are a private consultative company setup by medical professionals to help individual and institutions with consultative solutions in the field of Medicine. The company board consists of highly qualified and practicing physicians and surgeons, combined with the help of a large group of dedicated personnel who champion a broad range of experience in health, IT, tourism and hospitality. Our company aim to effectively connect patients, doctors and hospitals globally.

Where Are We
Our headquarters is located in Melbourne, Australia, but we have also established regional offices in Shanghai, ChongQing, India and Singapore. With access to world famous physicians and hospitals in USA, India, Singapore and Australia, we hope to bring our patients medical expertise on a globally scale. Our company collaborate with extensive network of accommodation, translation and transportation companies globally, allowing the provision of premium streamlined and one-stop services for all of our patients.

How do I become a MICURAE customer?
To become our client is free. Whether you’re at home or located abroad, our extensive global physician database makes it easy to find bespoke medical services near you. We will help all our customers obtaining a written second opinion, a Tele-consultation or to travel abroad for personalised and more in-depth consultation. In addition, our customers can enjoy translation, transportation and global accommodation services. These facilities will help simplify the process of customer visits overseas and make them feel safe and secure in the face of a difficult and unpredictable journey.

What are Our Core Values

Do No Harm
At MICURAE we believe that patient care is of the utmost importance. We believe in the Hippocratic oath of “doing no harm”. We believe every patient has the right to be educated about their illness, to know all of the options available regarding their disease or condition as well as being able to find the best care provision available to them.

Our services are totally independent and we do not receive any incentive from the medical services that we recommend. Our methodology and approach in selecting services for our patients is rigorously self-governed by ourselves and by our peers.

Given our industry knowledge, we strive to bring our patient the best evidence based care at a reasonable cost.

Respect to Confidentiality and Privacy
We do not disclose patient’s personal details to any third party without the prior consent of the patient.

Our Approach

Battling illness is an emotional and personal rollercoaster. We always treat our client with compassion and understand that your needs are highly unique and your journey needs to be highly individualised. We do not offer generic investigation and treatment options to our clients.

Once a MICURAE member, we will initiate the process by offering the service of a personal client manager. Once assigned, the highly trained staff will compile all of client’s medical history, translate it, and forward it to a suitable physician of their choice. All medical correspondence then will be filed and translated accordingly. Should our client choose to travel overseas for private consultations, then our ground staff will endeavour to make them feel home every step of the way.

MICURAE work with many experts in different field of medicine. Given our access to these experties, we are confident to tackle complex medical cases such as hean and neck cancer or genetic disease. These case dicussions are co-ordinated with efficiency and attention within our organisation.

Micurae team has extensive medical knowledge , capable of data anlaysis , familiar with current best practice, treatment protocols and local guidelines. Navigating the world of medicine becomes much easier with us.

We pride ourselves with our range of expertises such as evidence-based medicine, innovative medical research as well as trasnlational innovation. We are capable of case coordination between different individuals, academic units, hospitals, health networks and big enterprises.