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With the arrival of the digital age, there has never been a time in history that we have such a plethora of information at our finger tips. Together with wealth and knowledge, people are starting to place more emphasis on their wellbeing and health. Consequently, there is an increasing trend over the last decade in people interested in obtaining global medical expert opinions.

MICURAE is a platform based health informatics, education and marketing company specialises in connecting doctors and patients. By collaborating with world leading physicians, institutions and universities , MICURAE focuses on the delivery of non-biased, timely and transparent medical B2B and B2C solutions.

Why Collaborate with Us ?

MICURAE was created by physicians to encourage national and trans-national sharing of clinical experiences, academic exchanges as well as research collaborations. With our in-depth health knowledge we choose to collaborate with peer reviewed, expert physicians and world renowned medical institutions. With the provision of our international services, we support clinical decision makers and institutions in delivering their best care solution to international patients.

MICURAE has established a presence in Australia, USA, Singapore, India, UK, Switzerland and China with many more countries to come. Our comprehensive world coverage allows us to deliver a timely, transparent and cost-effective consultative and marketing solution to individual physicians and institutions globally.  MICURAE is ready to help with our industry knowledge no matter where you are.

MICURAE maintains our collaborator confidentiality at all cost. Our online platform is designed with security and privacy in mind. MICURAE does not acquire, store or share any personal data on our platform. Furthermore, we are fully compliant with USA HIPAA, Australian Privacy Law as well as India and Chinese medical regulations.

MICURAE also concentrates on providing all ancillary services required for overseas consultation. With our vast network of travel and life-style professionals, MICURAE has the capability of sourcing and co-ordinating services such as transportation, accomodation, interpretation and nursing.  We deliver our paramedical services with the utmost professional efficiency so our physicians can concentrate on providing clinical care.

We understand the stress involved in seeking the best care one needs away from home and strive to provide our collaborator’s patients the most comfortable, compassionate and private environment within which to receive care. Your patients will be made welcome, and supported no matter where they are so they feel right at home.

To take full advantage of our extensive secure platform, global network and industry knowledge, please register to join us.

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