Connecting patients to the best of medical expertise on a global scale. 

MICURAE – Personalised global healthcare solution

Health and well-being are top-notch priorities for people across the world given the advancement in technology, medical sciences, and enhanced affordability.  

In today’s digital age, geographical boundaries are fast dissolving. Additionally, patients and institutions are increasingly leveraging global medical expertise and tools liketelehealth to solve complex health problems.

Access to the best second medical opinion improves accuracy of diagnosis, speeds up recovery, and reduces wastage of resources in health system. Research shows that while patients seek a second medical opinion if theres uncertainty involving the first diagnosis or when available treatment options are unpleasant, very few actually get one. 

One of the challenges in seeking a second medical opinion is often the high cost of getting to another expert. Oftentimes, over-priced treatment options are presented even when more affordable and evidence-based alternatives exist.

Adding to the challenge is unnecessary information and unsafe medicines and procedures that are estimated to cost $15 billion annually. 

Not anymore!

Micurae is a unique platform that combines health informatics, education, and technology to connect patients with the best of medical expertise across the globe.  

We collaborate with and have an extensive network of leading physicians, institutions, and universities. Our focus at Micurae is on providing evidence-based, unbiased, timely, and transparent medical solutions available at affordable rates.

Why should you choose us?

Micurae is a concept developed by highly qualified and experienced team of physicians and surgeons to facilitate:

● Streamlined and seamless connections between patients and medical experts,
● Provision of a specifically designed, end-to-end encrypted global Tele-health platform, 
● National and trans-national sharing of clinical experiences,
● Academic exchanges  and research collaborations,
● Second opinions from leading global medical specialists to enhance the accuracy of diagnosis and healthcare,
● A bouquet of translation, transportation, and accommodation services to those seeking to travel overseas for in-depth consultation,
● A dedicated international medical marketing platform.

We reach out to you, wherever you are

With an established presence in Australia, USA, Singapore, India, UK, Switzerland, and China, we have access to the most reputed medical experts in different specialties. By combining the best of technology and research, we enable clinicians to make informed decisions and offer solutions to international patients.

Confidentiality is our priority

We are fully compliant with various data privacy and patient confidentiality laws across the globe, such as HIPAA (Health Information Privacy and Accountability Act) of the US, Australian Privacy Law, as well as Indian and Chinese medical regulations.

Our online platform for telehealth services has been designed with optimum security and privacy in mind. We do not acquire, store, or share any personal data on our platform, making us credible, trusted, and safe in the eye of doctors, patients, and institutions across the world.

Extensive international medical consultation support

If you are looking to travel overseas for an in-depth second medical opinion or international medical consultation, we at Micurae ensure your journey, accommodation, and experienceare hassle-free. 

We have a team of professionals across the IT, marketing, hospitality, lifestyle, travel, and paramedical fields that supportsyou every step of the way throughout your international medical consultation.

Our extensive network makes it easy for us to coordinate between different aspects of healthcare and provide efficient paramedical services that enable physicians to concentrate on clinical care.

We combine decades of experience, our passion towards healthcare, and access to world-class medical experts to remove the stress and anxiety involved in receiving healthcare away from home. Empathy and compassion are at the heart of everything we do. With us, you will always feel welcome, supported, and ‘at home’ no matter where you are.

Register with us today to know more about how Micurae can transform your healthcare services. Join us for free to take advantage of our secure cloud-based Tele-health platform, global network of experts and industry standard medical services.

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