Our Values at Micurae

Micurae was established as a global healthcare solution that has been personalised to the needs of the individual.

It’s our goal to fill a large gap in the medical world when it comes to accessing the top medical professionals in their field.

The rise in the digital age has already seen a dissolution of geographic boundaries, with Telehealth services on the rise around the world. Our goal is to leverage global medical expertise and make it more accessible through our cloud-based platform.

In order to achieve this, we abide by a strong set of core values that dictate everything we do.


Core Values

Our core values define the culture at Micurae and drive all our efforts towards achieving our mission.

Do No Harm

Patient care takes pride at Micurae. We strongly believe in the Hippocratic oath of “doing no harm”. We honour the rights of patients to be informed and educated about their illness, treatment options, and the best of care provisions available.


Integrity and transparency guide our methodology in selecting services for our patients. We do not receive incentives from any of the medical services that we recommend. Our approach is backed by rigorous self-regulated and peer-driven ethical considerations.

Efficiency and affordability

Our value-driven services are aimed at offering the best of evidence-based care to our patients across the globe at a reasonable cost. Decades of rich industry experience enable us to achieve these goals.

Confidentiality and Privacy

We are deeply committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive personal information. By respecting the privacy of our patients, doctors, staff, and members, we do not disclose any personal details to a third party without prior consent.

These core values drive everything we do here at Micurae, both for our patients and doctors. Here’s what you can expect from our services.


Services We Offer

Our services are two-fold: aimed at both medical professionals and those looking for a second opinion on their medical diagnosis. All the services we offer are driven by our core values.


For medical professionals:

Through our cloud-based platform you have the opportunity to build your career, while collaborating with some of the best minds from around the world. With Micurae you can:

  • Forge strong academic relationships with other medical professionals from across the globe, opening up the potential for new fields of research.
  • Build your personal brand on a global scale, getting your name out there and noticed by industry professionals from around the world.
  • Provide yourself with a new stream of revenue, while offering valuable medical support to those who need it.

For patients:

We offer two main services to patients seeking our help:

  1. Second opinions.
  2. Teleconsultations with medical experts.

No matter your diagnosis, it’s normal to seek out a second opinion to ensure you’re getting the best medical advice possible for your situation. Why shouldn’t that second opinion come from someone at the top of the field? Through our values of ‘Do No Harm’ and ‘Transparency’ we offer doctor recommendations and schedule appointments free of charge.

From there, you can take part in a teleconsultation from your chosen expert, anywhere around the globe. Our values of ‘Efficiency and Affordability’ drive the next stage of the process, giving you the ability to seek a second opinion you can trust, which is both affordable and easy to do.

How We Operate

 Our values are in play at every stage of our process:

  • Do no harm: We provide you with access to the most reputed medical experts from around the world, including Singapore, India, UK, Switzerland, and China.
  • Transparency: Depending on your medical issue, we recommend doctors to offer a second opinion. You can choose the best fit for your needs and schedule an appointment free of charge.
  • Efficiency & Affordability: using the best technology, we set up a teleconsultation with your chosen expert so you can seek a second opinion you can rely on.
  • Confidentiality & Privacy: We are fully compliant with various data privacy and patient confidentiality laws across the globe, such as HIPAA (Health Information Privacy and Accountability Act) of the US, Australian Privacy Law, as well as Indian and Chinese medical regulations.
  • If you wish to travel for an in-depth second opinion, we ensure your journey, accommodation, and experience is hassle-free.

To know more about how Micurae can transform your healthcare journey, get in touch with us today. Call +613 83759635 or register as a patient or doctor on our platform.