Who we are

Micurae is a unique healthcare concept developed by top medical professionals to provide comprehensive medical consultative solutions to individuals and institutions. As a private firm, our focus is on seamlessly connecting patients, doctors, and the healthcare sector on a global scale.

We have emerged as the most innovative and credible source of healthcare delivery with an unbeatable combination of expertise, experience, and dedication to patient care. Our company board comprises a wealth of highly-experienced and qualified practising physicians and surgeons.

Our location

Our headquarters are located in Melbourne, Australia providing services in cities in Australia, USA, India, China, Switzerland, UK, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia. With access to world-renowned physicians and hospitals in these countries, we collaborate further with an extensive global network of accommodation, translation, and transportation companies.

Our mission is to provide premium medical expertise and a broad range of allied services to our patients across the globe. It is easy to see why we’re the one-stop destination when it comes to healthcare.

What sets us apart?

Personalized care 

All our actions at Micurae are based on a strong culture of empathy. We understand the emotional and physical rollercoasters that battling an illness can entail. While we always treat our patients with the utmost care and compassion, we know that every individual’s healthcare journey and needs are unique. 

We offer individualized healthcare – from diagnostics to treatment options – that best matches your customized requests.

Broad range of experts

Access to an exhaustive list of experts across multiple fields in medicine makes us confident with handling the most complex medical cases. With technology-driven solutions that enable efficient coordination of case discussions, we are geared up to provide the best of evidence-based, multi-disciplinary international medical consultations.


Our team features the best specialists in wide-ranging disciplines. With proven expertise and updated knowledge of current best practices, data analysis, local guidelines, and treatment protocols, navigating the challenging world of medicine is our forte.


Apart from being the leading source for evidence-based medicine, we offer the best of innovative medical research andtranslational innovation. Our capabilities extend to case-coordination across academic units, hospitals, health networks, and big enterprises.

A streamlined and efficient process

It is our primary goal to make the process of healthcare delivery quick and efficient for our patients. An easy sign-up process enables you to become a Micurae member.

Once you are a member, we initiate the process of care delivery:

● A dedicated personal client manager is assigned to you.
● The highly-trained client manager compiles your medical history, translates it, and forwards it to a suitable physician of their choice. 
● We will then file and translate all medical correspondence. 
● Our ground staff provides efficient support to our clients every step of the way should the patient choose to travel overseas for private consultations.

How do I become a Micurae customer?

A Micurae membership is free and easy.  All you have to do is fill up a few details to create an account. Our representative will then contact you, whether you’re at home or located abroad.

Get the best of services

We make it easy for you to find the best expert near you thanks to our extensive global physician database. Whether you desire a second medical opiniona telehealth consultation, or overseastravel for personalized and more in-depth consultations, we are here for you.

Our valued customers can also take advantage of our efficient translation, transportation, and global accommodation services. These simplify overseas medical consultation visits and make our patients feel safe and secure by taking away the unpredictability and difficulties involved in the healthcare journey.