A Life Hospital

Private A Life Hospital, which set out to be the pioneer of innovations in the health sector and to take the standards one step further; At service with a management approach aiming to be the architect of a healthy and peaceful future …

Our hospital, one of the most comprehensive health facilities in the region; in all health services without compromising its quality and medical ethical principles; respecting patients’ rights,

  • 7 days 24 hours uninterrupted service understanding
  • Experienced staff who are experts in their field
  • The goal of being a reliable and reference hospital throughout the country
  • International level technological infrastructure
  • It serves with patient and employee satisfaction-oriented studies.

In our hospital, which spreads over 11 thousand 700 square meters; There are 5 operating rooms, 1 delivery room, 4 pain and delivery rooms and 4 intensive care units in different branches.

Our hospital, which has a capacity of 141 beds and stands out with its architecture and infrastructure designed as a hospital; In order to provide the best service to our patients, we work with up-to-date treatment options and an understanding that prioritizes patient and employee safety.

Phone: +903122930606

Address: Elvan, 1935. Sk. No:5, 06790 Etimesgut/Ankara, Turkey