Our Personalised Services for Our Patients

At Mi we recognise that by entrusting us with your health you demand the highest quality of service to make your stay a pleasant one. We therefore provide a one-on-one dedicated relationship manager, assigned exclusively to assist you with all the end-to-end practitioner liaison and communications needs, both here and abroad.

What does my relationship manager help with?

Your relationship manager will compile your medical history and entire documentation processing requirements. They will also organise all of your paperwork for translation, if necessary, and forward it onto the physician you have appointed for your care. In addition, they can organise for all reports to be sent back to your doctor back home for record-keeping. All international patients arriving from abroad will be contacted by our well-trained local staff with extensive medical knowledge.

They are also available to accompany you to all consultations, reviews, blood test, surgery and all other procedures and be responsible for guiding you with daily activities, including accommodation, leisure outings, dining options and extra-curricular activities of your choosing. We also provide a butler or concierge style assistant who can run errands and incidentals for you whilst you’re in recovery. This is ideal for solo travellers or patients in need of around-the-clock help.

For more information, contact our head office or register as a patient today.