Transportation Services with MICURAE

To keep you comfortable over the course of your journey and every step of the way, we can organise mobility options and transfers ranging from luxury chauffeur driven vehicles, limousine, private car and helicopter or aircraft charter.

Alternatively, we can arrange a rental car, taxi or Uber to suit. You may choose a dedicated driver or a vehicle type preference for the entire length of your trip and even consider taking in some sightseeing to experience the local city you’re in.

What are the added benefits of travelling with MICURAE ?

With an abundant events calendar on offer, if you’re feeling up to it, you can also take in all sights and sounds of the local attractions and festivals on offer, such as: tennis tournaments, concerts, theatre shows, grand prix, fashion and food festivals and racing carnivals. There are so many themes to choose from based on the time of year you’ll be visiting. We can provide you with a ‘front row’ and VIP style ‘red carpet’ experience with a 6-star service on any bookings, accommodation, transportation and activities you desire.

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