Beijing Heal Star Clinic

Beijing Heal Star Clinic is a comprehensive general treatment center located in Financial Street. It has five floors and covers an area of 6600 square meters. Based on the service concept of “good quality lives and enjoy health”, and management concept of group’s strong comprehensive strength, diversified industrial advantages and advancement, Beijing Heal Star Clinic provides preventive health care, disease screening, clinical diagnosis and treatment, daytime operation and other medical services from children to adults, so as to realize one-stop service from prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation.

As a comprehensive general treatment center, Beijing Heal Star Clinic has perfect medical hardware facilities, equipped with one-hundred-grade purifying operating room and independent observation room, built a perfect medical security system, has a senior medical and nursing team, and has rich medical practice experience. The clinic has set up more than 20 clinical and medical technology departments at present, including internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics and so on, and has established cooperation with domestic expert team and international medical team. It has set up daytime center of surgery, inspection, image, endoscopy, and rehabilitation, which can not only meet conventional clinical treatment needs, but also carry out multidisciplinary daytime operations. Since it was put into operation, Beijing Heal Star Clinic has deeply cooperated with some 3A hospitals and well-known medical teams, so as to truly realize the sharing of high-quality medical resources and provide customers with personalized comprehensive health solutions.

Phone: 010-66168162

Address: No. 21, Fenghuiyuan, Picai Hutong, Xicheng District, Beijing