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Tokyo Women’s Medical University Hospital

In 1908, the teaching hospital of the Tokyo Women’s Medical School, a predecessor of Tokyo Women’s Medical University, was founded. From the 1950s to 1960s, many centers within the hospital mainly, the Heart Institute of Japan, the Institute of Gastroenterology, and the Neurological Institute were founded. Tokyo Women’s Medical University Hospital is an advanced secondary […]

Juntendo University Hospital

Juntendo University Hospital, founded in 1838 and located in the center of Tokyo, is an affiliated Hospital of Juntendo medical department and one of the largest and best general hospitals in Japan. The hospital is a hospital with advanced medical qualifications designated by the Japanese health department, with 1,020 beds and 343,192 inpatients per year. […]

National Epilepsy Center

The National Epilepsy Center is located six kilometers from downtown Shizuoka, in the northeast part of the city. It is surrounded by rice fields and mountains in which mandarin oranges and green tea are cultivated. These surroundings, together with Shizuoka’s mild climate, make the National Epilepsy Center an ideal place in which to convalesce. The […]