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BNH Hospital

Based on the needs of expatriates seeking quality medical treatment; a small nursing home offering non-profit treatments to foreigners living in Thailand was founded in 1898 under the royal patronage of King Rama V and supported wholeheartedly by King Rama VI; quickly earning trust and respect from the expat communities. Since then more than 100 […]

Praram 9 Hospital

Praram 9 Hospital was originally established by a group of professional and specialized physicians from all medical spheres. The hospital was constructed with the objective of providing a wide range of reliable medical services of the highest quality standards. And today, there are more than 300 professional physicians offering a comprehensive range of specialized medical […]

Yanhee Hospital

Thirty years of providing service par excellence to local and international patients have led Yanhee Hospital to where it now stands – prominent, respectable, and taking the lead among the other institutions that provide the best health and beauty services at the most reasonable rates.
Giving a mighty boost to rising health concerns and the burgeoning popularity of medical tourism, its phenomenal rise in the local and international clientele from 162 countries of late, attests to the superior quality and safety of patient care that the hospital provides.