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Micurae and Parkway Medical Group reached cooperation

In the context of the new normal of epidemic prevention, Micurae and Parkway Medical Group have reached cooperation. Adhering to the mission of international medical institutions, we work hard in the core areas of various professional medical fields, and strive to fulfill the mission and original aspiration of practitioners, so as to provide patients with […]

Micurae cooperates with Singapore Dryve Consultancy-Beyond Medical Group

With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading at an alarming rate, countries have strictly restricted the movement of people to stop the spread of the virus. Through tele-consultation, patients worldwide will be able to enjoy high-quality medical advice in the context of the travel ban. Dryve Consultancy-Beyond Medical Group is a Singapore-based medical Consulting company. The team […]

Micurae’s partner-Circle Harmony is partnering with HCA Healthcare UK

HCA Healthcare UK is partnering with Circle Harmony to provide international patients, based in China, access to oncology expertise and treatment by HCA UK. Reflecting how advances in technology are creating new ways to provide access to care and expertise in the international market, the partnership will enable Circle Harmony patients to have virtual consultations, […]