State-of-the-art ‘Life Center’ provides highly-personalized, comprehensive health and well-being services for prevention, treatment and management of diseases.

Comprehensive World-class Healthcare Model

·Full range of medicine including Eastern, Western and Gene analysis (“Triple Health System”).
·Patients receive personalized care with a one-to-one assignment of doctor and trainer and annual checkups included.
·Utilization of database across various services (including medical checkup, in-house physicians, fitness
program, and food therapy design).

New Anti-Aging Management System

12 different senility test categories to assess function of the brain, cells, immune system, capillary flow, autonomic
nervous system, and hormones. Advanced gene analysis test based on genetic mapping to understand the aging process and potential health risks. Personalized program supported by a team of doctors, health consultants, therapists, nutritionists and trainers.

World Class Doctor’s Group

Chaum limits the amount of daily check-ups to 20 patients per day for intensive services. In this way, 40 professional doctors
work to provide highly integrated medicine. Chaum also offers transfer services within its network of the most renowned physicians
and medical professionals in Korea and the United States.

State-of-the-art Medical equipments & Systems

Modern and high-tech equipment : MRI, Ultra-low radiation CT, Ultrasound, Echocardiography, exablate 200, and more.
Cell medical exam system includes body composition and condition tests all within the comfort of the patient’s own space.
Radiation warning system to monitor the body’s exposure to radiation. Innovative & non-invasive equipment for body slimming and facial treatments.

New Bio-care Technology

Stem cell centrifuge & storage through one of a kind personalized stem cell banking program.
Advanced sports injury rehabilitation equipment (the only one in Korea).

Address: 442, Dosan-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Phone:+82(2) 3015·5077 (English)