Confraternität Private Hospital

Confraternität Private Hospital is one of the oldest and most prestigious private hospitals in Vienna, with a long tradition of providing top-class medical and nursing care in a family atmosphere.
Confraternität Private Hospital’s staff is characterized mainly by competence, experience and high levels of service orientation.
In addition to professionalism, personal attention and warmth contribute to the well-being and satisfaction of our patients.
We are a successful private hospital with tradition and future.
In everything we do, we aim for the highest quality standards, and interdisciplinary collaboration is a key part of this. We are guided by our core values: “from the heart,” “on the pulse,” and “with strength”.
Our patients and their health are the focus of our competent care.
In this hospital we work with professionalism, dedication, empathy and warmth for the well-being of our patients and their families.
Appreciation, honesty, friendliness and mutual respect in our dealings with one another are fundamental to our day-to-day activities and the roots of our success.
We work together with attending doctors to provide the best possible medical and nursing care.
We pride ourselves on our expertise, experience, flexibility, and outstanding service.

Phone: +43 1 401140

Address: Skodagasse 32, 1080 Wien, Austria