Geneva University Hospital

The Geneva University Hospitals is one of the five university hospitals of Switzerland, and the largest one in the country. It is one of the largest hospitals in Europe.

First founded in 1535, the creation of the HUG dates back to 1995 as a merger of all public hospitals in Geneva. The HUG operate 8 hospitals in the Canton of Geneva as well as 40 outpatients clinics.

Borne of a centuries-long tradition of excellence in the sciences and medicine, the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) were established in 1995. The first university hospitals in Switzerland – they comprise nine hospitals and more than 11’000 staff members – they manage a first-class research programme, closely linked to the Faculty of Medicine of Geneva. Their combined fields of expertise ensure their patients privileged access to the latest in technological developments and medical progress. Their technical support centre, one of the most modern in Europe, includes 39 operating rooms, 2 surgical robots and 5 surgical navigation systems, 51 intensive care beds, 13 rooms for angiographies, endoscopies and catheterisations, 43 medical imaging machines (PET-MRI, PET-CT, SPECT-CT, MRI, cyclotron) and 5 radiotherapy devices. Each year, the HUG devote more than CHF 20 million to the updating of their equipment. The hospitals’ private sector, which will be fully renovated at the end of 2011, combines expertise and comfort.

The HUG assure the entire range of medical disciplines. Their 64 services are all headed by professors from the Faculty of Medicine of the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG). As a leader in medical imaging (most notably, they have at their disposal Europe’s first PET-MRI scanner), they are specialised in such areas as: medical genetics, minimally invasive robotic surgery, treatment of chronic diseases (diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, HIV/Aids), transplants (liver, islets of Langerhans), oncology (in particular, breast, uterus, ovaries, colon), cardiology and heart surgery, neurosciences and neurosurgery, locomotor and sports medicine as well as numerous other areas of national and international excellence (cyber health care and telemedicine, patient security, vaccinology, virology, bacteriology, mental health).

Address:Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 4, 1205 Genève

Contact: +41 (0)22 372 33 11