Hainan Cancer Hospital

Hainan Cancer Hospital(HCH) is the Hainan branch of Tianjin Cancer Hospital, and the affiliated cancer hospital of Hainan Medical college. And is a non-profit classⅢgradeⅠhospital. Also is the designed medical institute for Hainan provincial medical insurance, new rural cooperative medical system(NCMS), Cancer Relief Project of Hainan Department of Civil Affairs and cancer commercial insurance of NCMS, CIGNA and TaiKang Commercial Insurance. HCH is the first oncology specialist hospital. The cancer patients receive treatment in Hainan instead of overseas.

HCH located at Changbin west fourth street, Haikou city. There are 28 clinical departments, 9 laboratories, with 1200 beds.Equip with international advanced medical equipment, include the latest medical linear accelerator, complete set of molecular pathology equipment, Hitachi laboratory automation line, High definition medical imaging system and endoscope system.

HCH has attracted the top cancer experts to Hainan, established an excellent team.

HCH has signed MOU with Tianjin Cancer Hospital and Hainan Medical college, in medical training, hospital management, institutional innovation etc.. To create favorable condition for the complementary advantages of medical resources and the level of cancer treatment.

HCH cooperates with first-class medical institutions, such as the Affiliated Hospital of Germany Hamburg University and Pittsburgh Medical College. To carry out academic exchanges, personnel training and remote consultation and other cooperation.

Relying on HCH, the Cancer Prevention and Treatment Center of Hainan Province, is responsible for the treatment via organizing new registration through 3 levels of network and patient’s follow-up, establish a cancer database. Its duties cover assisting primary care to product cancer general survey to help cancer patients to provide better health guidance and professional medical services.

First-class elite team, advanced diagnosis and treatment equipment, comfortable and beautiful medical environment, leading Hainan province to reach the advanced level of cancer diagnosis and treatment capacity.

All the staff sticks to the hospital value, to provide the tumor prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, disease management and all-around quality services.

Address: No.6, Changbin West 4th Street, Xiuying district, Haikou city, Hainan province.

Phone: 0898-36379999