Hospital Universitario de San Vicente Fundación

Universitario de San Vicente Fundación is ranked the second-best hospital in Medellín. This private hospital is located on a campus in the Seville barrio of Medellín. In addition, it’s conveniently located next to the Hospital metro station on Line A.

San Vicente Fundación was founded in 1913. And it reportedly has over 660 beds with 15 operating rooms. San Vicente has three specialty-centers: Cardiopulmonary and Peripheral Vascular Center, Digestive Diseases Center, and an Organ and Tissue Transplant Center.  Also, it has an Infant Hospital that opened in 1961.

In 2011, San Vicente opened a new health center in Rionegro located near the José María Córdova Medellín international airport. This new complex has a cardiopulmonary and vascular system center, a digestive disease center, an emergency center and an oncology center. In addition, it has a transplant and tissue center. It reportedly has 180 hospital beds. And a future planned expansion at this health center will add specialties for cancer, trauma, plastic surgery as well as 320 more beds.

San Vicente is a general hospital but it is also very well known for performing transplants. Reportedly over 50 percent of all transplants in Colombia are done in Medellin. And a vast majority (nearly 90 percent) of those are performed at San Vicente.

The transplant group in the hospital performed the first trachea transplant in the world and the first bone marrow transplant in Latin America. In addition, the hospital  did several first transplants in Colombia: the first esophagus transplant, first kidney transplant, first liver transplant and first small intestine transplant. Also, it did the first larynx transplant in Colombia, which was the second in the world.

Address:  Calle 64 # 51D-154, Medellín

Phone:57 (4) 444 1333