Joslin Diabetes Centre

Joslin Diabetes Center — dedicated to conquering diabetes in all of its forms — is the  global leader in diabetes research, care and education. Joslin is an independent, non-profit institution affiliated with Harvard Medical School, located in Boston’s prestigious medical area, and is one of only 11 NIH-designated Diabetes Research Centers in the U.S, unlike other affiliated hospitals or research institutes of Harvard Medical School, which specialises in the research and treatment of diabetes. It has the world’s largest professional team of diabetes specialists and researchers and has been committed to the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and its related complications, such as diabetic eye disease, heart disease, nephropathy , pregnancy and diabetic foot disease etc.; currently have 23,000 patients. Joslin research is at the forefront of discovery aimed at preventing and curing diabetes. It has the largest diabetes research team in the world of 40 senior project leaders working on more than 300 research projects.

Joslin has 25 clinical affiliates in the United States and two affiliates overseas, with a total of 79,000 patients treated according to its model. Founded in 1898 by diabetes expert Elliott p. Joslin, the company is dedicated to developing new and complete diabetes diagnosis, treatment and prevention measures, improving the survival rate of fetuses in diabetic women, developing laser surgery technology to preserve vision, improving treatment programs to reduce amputation and inventing new methods to predict the occurrence of diabetes.


Address:1 Joslin Pl, Boston, Massachusetts, United States