Kyunghee University Medical Center

Kyung Hee University Medical center is the only university hospital in the world that provides all 5 medical areas including general medicine, dentistry, Korean medicine, pharmacy, and nursing science under one roof. We have taken this advantage to complement each other by establishing new medical examination system. At Kyung Hee University Hospital, we have been striving ceaselessly to free humankind from disease for past 30 years. With such effort and support from the patients and their guardians, we achieved a great accomplishment of being hounored as No.1 in 2005 national customer satisfaction evaluation by medicine industry. To return the love we received from our patients and their guardians, our entire faculty members will provide heightened medical service for all patients to recover their health in the shortest period by enhancing the impact of disease cure through sustainable changes and innovative system instead of being content with reality in 2005. We further promise to develop ourselves as the medical center that contributes to the regional societies and national health through active investment to high value added medicine.


Address: 23, Kyung Hee Dae-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

Phone : 02-958-9644, 9477