Xi’an International medical center hospital

Xi ‘an International Medical Center Hospital is a modern general hospital integrating medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, prevention, health care, rehabilitation and health management, focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of critical and difficult diseases, implementing MDT multidisciplinary association, and building in accordance with THE JCI international certification standards and the standards of  GRADE A hospitals. The hospital is located at No. 777 Xitai Rd., Gaoxin District, Xi ‘an city, covering an area of 307.61 mu, with a construction area of 532,500 square meters and a maximum of 5,037 beds. Medical insurance for urban employees, urban and rural residents, designated hospitals for maternity, work-related injuries and retirement medical insurance.
The hospital has 11 specialized hospitals, including cardiology, thoracic surgery, gastroenterology, orthopedics, oncology, gynecological oncology, hematology, brain surgery, plastic surgery, rehabilitation and pediatric.
The hospital has a reasonable talent structure. More than 20% of the doctors have senior technical titles, and more than 50% have master and doctor degrees. There are 162 chairmen, vice chairmen and standing committee members in various professional societies.


Address: No. 777 Xitai Rd., Gaoxin District (50 meters east of Xitai First-class Highway)

Tel: 029 68301912