Our Offer

At Micurae, we believe language or geography need not impede the best of medical expertise and care. With an extensive global network of renowned doctors and medical professionals, we connect patients with the right physician anywhere across the world.

We also seek to protect our patients against non-evidence based, experimental, recreational, and sometimes unsafe medical practices around the globe.

As an independent consultancy service, we do not have any financial relationships with any doctors that we recommend. Our doctors are chosen based on their experience, reputation, and standard of practice.

For Our Patients

Our services for patients are in the following broad categories:

Free services: Doctor recommendation and appointment scheduling

At Micurae, while the focus is on connecting patients to the best of medical experts, we believe it needn’t come at a high cost. In fact, our services, which include doctor recommendations and appointment scheduling, are absolutely free. What’s more, you can even register on Micurae platform for free to get the most suitable referrals for your needs and avail our appointment scheduling services.

Premium services – Second Medical Opinion, Tele-health, and International Consultations

A second medical opinion from a trusted expert is invaluable. Although harboring confidence and placing your trust in a personal physician is generally a positive factor, there are chances of a misdiagnosis or mistakes. A number of studies indicate that second medical opinions altered the treatment or diagnosis for 60% of patients.

Getting a reliable medical second opinion in the local or international context can facilitate quicker access to the necessary lifesaving treatment. We, at Micurae, also understand how medical advice contributes towards reduced stress for patients and their families.

This is why we have made it a mission to connect our patients with the best of medical expertise from across the world through our secure technology platform with local experts. While these services are chargeable, the return on your investment is multifold thanks to the range of services available across countries that we operate in.

Our approach is efficient, quick, and simple, which means you can be assured of a full review of the diagnosis and treatment plan from a pool of multi-disciplinary physicians across the world. You don’t even have to bother with travel, accommodation, and appointment scheduling with top medical experts in the chosen country. Our telehealth services enable you to receive competent medical second opinions without being limited by distance, your ability to travel, or language barriers.

Rapid response service for travellers

Removing the fear, anxiety, and uncertainty associated with international travel for second medical opinions is our forte. We offer exclusive, rapid travel assistance to travelers with prompt telehealth and physical access to doctors across countries where we have a presence.

A membership fee per person/per travel duration/per country enables access to extraordinary travel assistance services.


For Our Doctors

Our platform is designed for the best medical consultation services for our patients. Moreover, it enables medical professionals to put forth their expertise across boundaries, collaborate with other specialists, and exchange academic and research information.

At Micurae, we work closely with leading specialists across disciplines to ensure an enriching experience and the best possible outcomes for both doctors and patients.

Our platform prioritizes safety, security, and data privacy, allowing doctors and health professionals to share data securely. Through this platform, doctors can use video conferencing to facilitate an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare delivery.

We foster academic exchanges between individual physicians and institutions within countries and overseas apart from educational opportunities.

For Hospitals and Institutions

Micurae goes beyond connecting patients with leading specialists to offer a range of services to hospitals and institutions across the world.

Utilizing our extensive connections with physicians, universities, academic units, and private establishments in the biomedical field, we foster communications, research events, conferences, and information exchange. This trans-national approach is designed to ensure the enrichment of knowledge databases, best practices, and the best of evidence-based medical care that benefits all stakeholders.

To know more about how Micruae can transform your healthcare journey, get in touch with us today. Call +613 83759635 or register as a patient or doctor on our platform.