Now is your chance to connect with the best medical experts around the world.

Our Offer

Technology has come a long way in the past decade, and here at Micurae we use it to bring you the best medical expertise and care. Gain access to our extensive network of renowned medical professionals from around the world.

We have your best interests and heart, which is why all our doctors are chosen based on their experience, reputation, and standard of practice, with no financial relationships forged. We endeavour to protect our patients from non-evidence based, experimental, recreational, and sometimes unsafe medical practices around the globe.


We offer two main services for our patients:

  1. Second opinion medical reports.
  2. International teleconsultation

We believe everyone has a right to a second opinion when it comes to their health and wellbeing. A number of studies indicate that second medical opinions altered the treatment or diagnosis for 60% of patients.

But it shouldn’t just be any second opinion. With technology improving worldwide communications, there’s no reason you can’t obtain a reliable second opinion from anywhere in the world. It’s about accessing the right expertise, no matter where they are located.

We offer doctor recommendations and the scheduling of appointments free of charge. Simply register on our platform to find suitable referrals for your health issue.

The services then provided by our expert doctors are chargeable, with teleconsultations enabling you to receive competent medical second opinions without being limited by distance, your ability to travel, or language barriers.

If you choose to travel overseas for an in-depth second opinion, we are also on hand to support you in this. We offer exclusive, rapid travel assistance with physical access to doctors, interpreters, pharmacies as well as tourism partners in countries we have a presence.


Micurae enables medical professionals to share their expertise, collaborate with others and exchange academic research. It offers many benefits to doctors who sign up:

  • Relationships: it’s an opportunity to forge academic relationships with doctors at the top of their field from around the world.
  • Marketing: it’s the perfect way to get noticed on an international scale and to market your skills in the field.
  • Revenue stream: offering teleconsultations is a great additional revenue stream to support your income.
  • Support: Micurae is supported and recognised by Australian health regulators and Avant, as well as various hospitals, insurance companies and more.

Hospitals and Institutions

Micurae goes beyond simply connecting patients with leading specialists. We also offer a range of services to hospitals and institutions around the world.

Utilizing our extensive connections with physicians, universities, academic units, and private establishments in the biomedical field, we foster communications, research events, conferences, and information exchange. This trans-national approach is designed to ensure the enrichment of knowledge databases, best practices, and the best of evidence-based medical care that benefits all stakeholders.

To know more about how Micurae can transform your healthcare journey, get in touch with us today. Call +613 83759635 or register as a patient or doctor on our platform.