Salvator Mundi International Hospital

The UPMC | Salvator Mundi International Hospital is a private healthcare center that has been, since 1951,  a reference hospital facility for both local and international patients, from over 70 different nationalities.

Located in Rome city center, only a stone’s throw away from the Trastevere neighborhood, UPMC | Salvator Mundi International Hospital sits at the top of the Gianicolo Hill, with approximately 75 recently renovated and air conditioned ensuite rooms, highly specialized surgical and diagnostic equipment, 6 operating rooms, a postoperative Intensive Care Unit and a wide array of specialty medical departments and services – amongst which the advanced International and Tropical Medicine and Microbiology Laboratory, the Imaging Center and a modern Physio Center with its Hydrokinesis pool.

The private hospital also offers an Emergency first-aid service for both in-patients and out-patients (treating urgent but non-life-threatening conditions) as well as bespoke therapeutics.

Phone: +39 06 588961

Address: Viale delle Mura Gianicolensi, 67, 00152 Roma RM, Italy