Sheba Medical Center

The Chaim Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer , also Tel HaShomer Hospital, is the largest hospital in Israel, located in the Tel HaShomer neighborhood of Ramat Gan, in the Tel Aviv District. In 2020, Newsweek ranked it as the 9th-best hospital in the world.

Sheba today operates 120 departments and clinics. It has 1,700 beds, over 1,400 physicians, 2,600 nurses and 3,300 other healthcare workers.

It handles over 1,000,000.5 patient visits a year, including 200,000 emergency visits annually, and conducts more than two million medical tests of all types each year, on a $320 million (approximate) annual budget. Sheba is supported by donations from a network of philanthropists and friends from around the world.

Address: Derech Sheba 2, Ramat Gan, Israel

Phone: +972 3-530-3030