Sisters of Mercy Hospital Vienna

With 223 beds and more than 55,000 inpatients and outpatients, the non-profit hospital of the Merciful Sisters has become an integral part of Viennese healthcare. Committed doctors, modern technology and the highest patient orientation characterize our departments and institutes far beyond the borders of Vienna.
Our strength is the close cooperation of the specialist departments and specialists within the company, the Vinzenz Group and with external experts. The focus is on the entire digestive tract and urological area, oncology and psychosomatics. The intestine center, the obesity center and the pelvic floor center of the hospital offer bundled competence and individually tailored therapy options. By 2020, the hospital will develop into a specialist clinic for the digestive tract, urology and psychosomatics.
While the health sector is changing, our patients can not only rely on optimal medical care, but also on the Christian values ​​orientation of our house. Competence and humanity form the basis of our actions.
We care for our patients in an interdisciplinary and holistic manner. We primarily perceive them as human beings and only then as patients. Your needs and wishes are very important to us and we want to fulfill them as best we can.

Address: Stumpergasse 13, 1060 Wien, Austria

Phone: +43 1 599880