Sondra Ophthalmology Hospital

Sondra Ophthalmology Hospital has been providing comprehensive tertiary care, diagnosis, treatment and surgery services in Mongolia since 2016. It is not only a support hospital of the National University of Medical Sciences, but also provides high quality eye care in a safe and risk-free environment. We are working on the principle of combining the achievements of our time with scientific research.

  Our hospital specializes in retinal detachment and consists of 8 main physicians, including specialists in anterior and posterior ophthalmology, intraocular pressure, retinal and vitreous surgery, and Honored Doctor of Mongolia D. Lkhagvadolgor, Head of the Department of Ophthalmology, National University of Medical Sciences, Professor D. Uranchimeg works as a consultant doctor. These doctors are trained in India, the Kingdom of Thailand, the Russian Federation, and the Republic of Korea, and have successfully performed retinal and vitreous surgeries that could not be performed domestically, helping to reduce the flow of people abroad. 

  Sondra Eye Hospital provides more than 90 preventive and specialized examinations, tests and surgeries. In addition to a total of 10 types of crystal implants, we are performing world-class standards to reduce intraocular pressure and retinal-vitreous surgery. 

    Private Medical Center, including Sondra Eye Hospital, one of the pioneers in the field of ophthalmology, continues to provide evidence-based treatment and diagnosis with internationally recognized techniques and equipment, and is working to become an internationally recognized private model hospital. 


Phone:  +976 7725 8888

Address: Ulaanbaatar city, Sukhbaatar district, Peace street-30