Spitalul Clinic Sanador

SANADOR was created because we have a mission. We know that health is the most important thing for you, and we are here to try to overcome any obstacle together. We listen to your problems and develop personalized treatments for you.


We have equipped the SANADOR Clinical Hospital, our clinics and laboratories with the latest technology, so that you have the best equipment and the best specialists. We are a company with fully Romanian capital and we care about you! Our hospital, which is also the largest private clinical hospital (with emergency department for adults and children, its own fleet of ambulances, 18 permanent guard lines), is completed by the SANADOR Oncology Center, ie the largest oncology center in the medical sector. private. To these are added SANADOR laboratories and SANADOR clinics. We have developed continuously, in direct proportion to your various medical needs.


SANADOR means elite doctors, top technology and flawless care. We set out to prove these things every day. SANADOR Decebal Clinic, inaugurated in 2001, is the first SANADOR unit and has been noted from the beginning by the professionalism of the medical team. In 2006, we opened SANADOR Victoriei, the first medical clinic equipped with its own medical analysis laboratory. We continued to invest capital and expertise for the best medical treatments, so in 2011 we inaugurated SANADOR Hospital, the largest private clinical hospital in Romania, with 413 beds and 10 operating rooms, with one of the best performing departments. intensive care unit (adults and children), emergency department, own fleet of ambulances and permanent guard lines, including laboratory analysis and top medical imaging radiology. SANADOR Clinical Hospital has a total area of ​​30,000 square meters.


Phone: +40219699

Address: Strada Sevastopol 9, București 010991, Romania