St. Elisabethen Hospital Frankfurt

The St. Elisabethen Hospital is the primary point of contact for inpatient care for the Frankfurt population – not only in the Bockenheim district. In addition to excellent emergency and urgency care, we are characterized by a clear professional differentiation and focus in interdisciplinary centers. Our team of doctors is made up of experts from various specialist areas who work closely together in our large, partly certified focus centers. In this way, every patient can find the best solution for their illness from a single source – without having to go through lengthy journeys from expert to expert.


At the same time, the St. Elisabethen Hospital offers more than just medicine, not least because of its decades-long Christian tradition. Because the medical-technical component is only one of many that have a direct influence on the recovery process. At least as important are the familiar character of a clinic and the opportunity to truly live human affection. For our patients, we want to be a place of recovery and security in equal measure.

Phone: +496979390

Address: Ginnheimer Str. 3, 60487 Frankfurt am Main, Germany