Victoria Hospital

Victoria Hospital was established on 25th June 2011. Its birth was motivated by and anchored on providing advanced and quality healthcare services to the citizens through the combined and dedicated hands of the medical and non-medical experts in the field.

Its unassuming and forward looking disposition has shaped the hospital as one of the leading hospitals in Myanmar, gaining the recognition as a respected and trusted healthcare partner and service provider. With its well situated and strategic location rooted at the heart of the Yangon’s Second City, thriving with government and private developments and at close proximity of only 10 minutes to the Yangon International Airport, Victoria Hospital is famed as the preferred hospital by locals, foreigners and corporate businesses alike.

Since its inception, and with the realization and understanding of the local healthcare needs, Victoria Hospital has continued to introduce a wide range of medical treatments and services to further elevate the country’s medical standard while mindfully bridging the gap by importing and introducing state-of-the-art technologies into the local medical scene. Furthermore, the hospital’s continual search for meaningful collaborations with local, overseas specialists and counterparts has laid the platform for providing unparalleled medical treatments to patients while determining possible future demands. This relentless quest for excellence through the provision of both medical and non-medical services to all patients has had eventually gained the trust of not only local patients, but also international patients and visitors.

Not forgetting the less fortunate living in the country, Victoria Hospital has unreservedly been extending helping hands to reaching out to the villagers who cannot afford and have tremendous needs to proper medical treatments. All carefully selected medical cases or issues are professionally managed by a dedicated team of experts. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) receives no less focus and importance in Victoria Hospital. It is inculcated and rooted in Victoria’s culture to go beyond mediocre effort to provide genuine and uncompromised total care through sustainable cooperation with relevant parties so as to positively impact lives, and to induce a gift of new life for a better and healthier community.

To continue with what the hospital has started, everyone in Victoria Hospital is prepared to go the extra mile to produce and provide effective and efficient patient centered services. With the passion to learn and to become better than yesterday, Victoria Hospital remains focus on improving the comprehensive services that our patients have benefitted. The entire team continues to discover, to be steadfast in learning and to be undeterred to provide utmost medical services to our patients levitra håndkøb. Whilst patients put their trusts in Victoria.

Victoria puts her ‘Quality Care’ into action. It is all about the ‘Synergy of international healthcare standard and professional healthcare service providers’.

Victoria Hospital aims to go beyond medical and healthcare services. Emphasis has also been placed on forging and nurturing healthy working relationships with all our trusted partners to ensure growth and mutual benefits. Victoria organizes and conducts regular consultations and encourages discussions with respected and credible working partners and stakeholders to cultivate good practices in the medical field and to advance cooperation to benefit individual, community and the country. As a forward looking hospital, Victoria Hospital prides itself to work with the acknowledgement and understanding that stagnation leads to impossibilities, while being proactive leads to possibilities.


Phone: +951-9666141

Address: No รายงานเต็ม.68, Taw Win Road, 9 mile, Mayangone Township,Yangon, Myanmar.