Aro Ha Resort

Aro Ha is a multi-award winning retreat where wellness traditions meet luxury. Salute the rising sun with vinyasa yoga, be immersed in nature, and use a variety of practices to elevate your body and mind. After days of nourishing yourself from the inside out, you’ll leave rejuvenated and reconnected to the source of wellbeing.

The retreats are a refined retreat experience where all aspects of natural health are addressed. Expect your body to become lean, strong and flexible, as your mind becomes calm, clear and present. You are simply required to show up, be present, and allow the experience to unveil your inherent potential.

Participants are supported by our team of professional staff who assure safety and enjoyment. Our guests frequently report improved mood, sharper thinking, better sleep, lower blood pressure, improved direction in life, prolonged weight-loss, and even the lifting of depression.