Shanghai Ninth Hospital

Bethel hospital, the predecessor of the ninth people’s hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong university medical college, was founded in 1920. The hospital has 757 approved hospital beds and 170 comprehensive oral chairs. It has 28 clinical departments and 10 medical technology departments. More than 1,860 medical staff. Among them, there are more than 300 people with the titles of deputy chief physician and associate professor, and 3 academicians of Chinese academy of engineering.


The hospital receives more than 4,000 emergency patients per day, and receives more than 15,000 patients annually. The hospital performs more than 10,000 inpatient operations and more than 22,000 out-patient operations annually.


Orthopedics is a key discipline of Shanghai municipal education commission and has a high reputation globally. Vascular surgery, ophthalmology, anesthesiology and other key disciplines are also reputable. Orthopedics and vascular surgery are also listed in the “211 project” of the ministry of education.

Phone number: 021-63846590

Address: 227 Chongqing South Road, Shanghai