Beijing Chao-Yang Hospital, Capital Medical University

Founded on February 24, 1958, Affiliated Beijing Chaoyang Hospital of Capital Medical University is a Level III A hospital integrating medical, teaching, scientific research and prevention under direct leadership of Beijing Municipal Administration of Hospitals, is the third clinical medical college of Capital Medical University, and is also the designated Category A medical institution for Beijing Municipal medical insurance.

The Hospital has two parts (Headquarters and West Branch). The Hospital covers 102.8 thousand m2 (50.8 thousand m2 for the Headquarters; 52 thousand m2 for the West Branch), and floor area 210 thousand m2 (150 thousand m2 for the Headquarters; 60 thousand m2 for the West Branch). 1,900 sickbeds (1,400 sickbeds in the Headquarters; 500 sickbeds in the West Branch). The Hospital has 3,065 employees (3,104 in the Headquarters, 961 in West Branch; 2,877 in-staff employees, and 1,188 off-staff employees), and 3,538 medical technical personnel, including 164 persons with senior professional title, 334 persons with sub-senior professional title, 970 persons with intermediate professional title, 1,384 doctors with primary professional title, and 686 primary-level nurses. The Hospital has annual emergency treatment of 3,866,000 person-times, annual inpatient treatment of over 78,000 persontimes, and about 29,000 operation cases per year.

The Respiratory Disease in the Hospital is the national key specialty under the Ministry of Education; and there are eight national key clinical specialties, that is, department of respiration, cardiovascular medicine, emergency medicine, department of anesthesia medicine, department of critical care medicine, department of occupational medicine, and examination department. Special departments, such as urinary and nephropathy center and highpressure oxygen department, and the technologies of kidney, liver and lung transplantation, are influential in Beijing and even nationwide.


Address:8 Workers Stadium South Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing