Beijing Friendship Hospital Capital Medical University

Beijing Friendship Hospital Affiliated to the Capital University of Medical Sciences, formerly named Beijing Soviet Red Cross Hospital, was founded in 1952.

The hospital covers an area of over 94,000 square metres. The new building for outpatient and emergency treatment under construction has 52,000 square metres. After construction of the new building is completed, the floor space of our hospital buildings for medical treatment will reach 170,000 square metres. At present, the hospital has 2,800 staff members, including 400 chief and deputy chief physicians, professors, associate professors, research fellows and senior technical staff with corresponding professional titles. It has a large number of sophisticated medical equipment which is commonly used in the world. It has 1256 inpatient beds and 43clinical and medico-technical departments. The number of outpatient cases comes to about 8,000 every day, and over 50,000 patients are discharged from our hospital every year. At present, our hospital undertakes the task of medical insurance for over 400,000 persons in Beijing and provides medical and health services to patients from all parts of China, over 8,000 cadres at and above the level of department and bureau and foreign guests.

The hospital has Beijing Clinical Research Institute, Beijing Tropical Medicine Research Institute and the Urinary Surgery Research Institute of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Health. It has four key disciplines in Beijing, five key disciplines supported by Beijing municipal government and a contingent of leading scholars in some disciplines and key technical staff. It has preliminarily created a model featuring advantages in the hospital, special features in different departments and special skills in different medical staff. On the basis of the strength accumulated through comprehensive development, our hospital reaches the international advanced levels in infection emergency treatment and organ transplants. It reaches the country’s advanced levels in diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases, chronic hepatic diseases and cardiovascular diseases. It undertakes research projects to tackle key problems during the period of the Ninth Five-Year Plan, projects of the State Science and Technology Commission and municipal research projects. It conducts research in parasitic and leprous research topics supported by WHO. Over the past twenty years, our hospital has won over 400 national, ministerial, municipal and bureau awards for research findings. Many research results are developed, put into clinical application and produce good economic benefits.

Address: Beijing city Xicheng District road 95 Yongan

Phone: 010-63016616/88398700