Beijing Youan Hospital, Capital Medical University Beijing Institute of Hepatology

In the 43rd year of Jiajing reign period of the Ming Dynasty, the YouAn Gate was built in the southwest part of Beijing,which means “stable and peaceful”, to protect the city’s good health.In the initial period of the founding of P.R.C., Mayor Peng Zhen visited You’an men wai personally, planning to found Beijing No.2 Hospital of Infectious Diseases, which ranked first in Asia by construction size and discipline settings.In 1989, the hospital was renamed as Beijing YouAn Hospital.

In 2003, it became Beijing You An Hospital, Capital Medical University and No.9 Clinical Hospital of the Capital Medical University. The Hospital also has such clinical research institutions as the Beijing Hepatic Disease Research Institute, Beijing Integrated Chinese and Western medicines infectious disease institution, National Key Specialty of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicines, The Key Laboratory of Translational medicine of Hepatitis B and liver cancer in Beijing, The Key Laboratory of AIDS in Beijing, The major disease clinical data sample repository of Beijing, National Drug Clinical Trial Institution, The Capital University of Medical Sciences Institute of Liver Disease and Liver Cancer Clinical,Beijing international science and technology cooperation translational medicine base of infectious diseases.The hospital has cooperated with University of Washington, University of Oxford and  University of Calgary, and has constructed: China US clinical study of infectious diseases and chronic diseases Cooperation Center; China Britain joint infection and infectious disease clinical research base; China Canada Joint Institute of liver diseases and other clinical research cooperation institutions. At the same time, it is training base for specialists of infectious disease, Infectious diseases and AIDS Chinese medicine treatment base for State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of China.

In the past 56 years, along with the rapid growth of medical science and technology, transformation of medical mode, and continuous deepening of medicine and health system reform, the Hospital has made significant progress in diagnosis ,treatment of infectious diseases, response to emergent public health events, and research, teaching and management, which has revealed the splendid achievements made in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases since the founding of New China.In recent 30 years, to deal with population ageing,chronical infectious diseases and people’s increasing needs of health care, YouAn hospital  has adjusted its medium- and long-term development orientation and strategic planning.You An Hospital is a large comprehensive medical center offering service for patients with infectious and chronic diseases, combining functions of prevention, medical treatment, health care and rehabilitation. It has built up an international high-end research platform for clinical and translational medicine of high and new pharmaceutical science and technology. It has carried out integrative strategy, which is the scope of services transform from infectious disease to infection, infection and acute, chronic diseases; object of services transform from individual and diseases to disease group; operation transform from pursuing economic benefit to providing high-quality service for the society and patients; mode of service transform from merely treatment to integrating diagnosis, treatment and prevention; the pattern of development transform from specialty hospital to comprehensive medical center within key disciplines as infectious disease; the capacity of service transform from single partial branch to improving personal comprehensive ability and overall strength of the hospital.


Address: No.8, Xi Tou Tiao, Youanmen wai, Fengtai District, Beijing

Phone: (86-10)6329 2337