Capital Institute of Pediatrics

Capital Institute of Pediatrics is a first-class comprehensive pediatric hospital integrating medical treatment, scientific research, teaching and health care. The hospital covers a total area of 70,000 square meters, with a building area of 120,000 square meters, 970 beds, and an annual outpatient volume of more than 3 million patients, more than 70,000 inpatients, and more than 23,000 surgeries.

Beijing children’s hospital is equipped with advanced equipment, complete facilities, strong technical force and complete departments, including 44 clinical and medical technology departments, including respiratory department, urology department, critical care department and blood tumor center.

In the surgical treatment of children with complex congenital heart disease, all kinds of spinal deformity correction, pediatric urological malformation correction, thoracoscope treatment, acute abdominal pain and abdominal trauma care and nervous, respiratory, endocrine, kidney disease, blood dialysis, ent, fiber bronchoscope, imaging techniques and other professional diagnosis and treatment of diseases and medical equipment in the domestic leading position, and take the lead in the domestic will be extended to the pediatric clinic age 18.


Phone number:010-85695555

Address:No.2 Yabao street, Beijing