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Vita-Pharm Maganrendelo

The fundamental ideological contrast between two trends in medicine, Western and Eastern medicine, has long been known. The Vita-Pharm Private Clinic was a forerunner of reconciling and effectively merging the two approaches in Hungary in the early 1990s. The revolutionary idea works great in practice: the techniques of Western medicine that focus on local treatment […]

Doctor Rose Private Hospital

Dr. Rose Private Hospital in Hungary is a hospital founded with the idea to create a 5-star-hotel environment to make sure its patients feel at ease. The facility boasts several specialty areas, such as obstetrics, dermatology, family planning and radiology. A variety of surgical procedures are performed on a daily basis at the hospital. Each […]

Swiss Clinic

Swiss Medical has been working since 2000 to provide thorough, reliable healthcare to its patients while maintaining a personal connection. We consider our outstanding value and heart-and-soul healing to be our core values. Our greatest strength is our complex-minded, thinking medical colleagues and staff. We place great emphasis on prevention, thorough investigation and follow-up of […]

Medicover Private Hospital

Medicover is present in Hungary since 1998 with its first Medicover Clinic opened in Budapest. By now Medicover Hungary provides a wide spectrum of healthcare services of almost 38 specialities in three outpatient clinics and an exclusive hospital with advanced imaging centre in Budapest and six outpatients clinics in the countryside. Hungary’s largest private outpatient healthcare centre, […]