Vita-Pharm Maganrendelo

The fundamental ideological contrast between two trends in medicine, Western and Eastern medicine, has long been known. The Vita-Pharm Private Clinic was a forerunner of reconciling and effectively merging the two approaches in Hungary in the early 1990s. The revolutionary idea works great in practice: the techniques of Western medicine that focus on local treatment are perfectly complemented by the holistic (body-mind-spirit unity) vision that characterizes alternative healing.

However, a novel approach to healing would be little in itself without the organization of an expert medical team that identifies itself with the principles of our health center. The most important aspect for us is that in addition to professional care, our patients receive a patient-centered, family environment and atmosphere. Our wide range of services ranges from traditional medical specialties (internal medicine, dermatology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, gynecology) to many different branches of complementary medicine (acupuncture, detoxification, massage). In addition, it is possible to perform a comprehensive health assessment, personalized anti-allergy and stress-relieving treatments.

In our dental office belonging to our health center , we are waiting for our adult and pediatric patients with a wide range of complex and modern dental procedures (dental implants, dental prostheses, dental fillings). The state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure help the work of our dentists, who perform the interventions only with safe and modern materials and a biological dental approach.

For companies and enterprises – if required, with on-site disembarkation – we provide basic occupational health services, work suitability tests, additional health services and screening tests, with a 10 percent discount in case of concluding a contract.

It is worth registering in advance for our examinations by telephone, but in our office there is also the possibility of emergency care every weekday between 8 am and 8 pm.


Phone: +36 1 222 0230

Address: Budapest, Vezér u. 156, 1148 Hungary