Chastnaya Klinika Na Vernadskogo

At Alfa Clinic on Prospect Vernadsky, you can take over 650 types of tests (blood, smear, urinalysis, spermogram, etc.), undergo an ultrasound scan, examination, get a doctor’s consultation and, if necessary, effective, individually selected treatment.

We use only disposable consumables and instruments, diagnostics and treatment are carried out using professional equipment and certified medicines. Our clinic employs highly qualified doctors with extensive practical experience. 

We have been providing paid medical services since 1995. 

Reception is conducted by doctors of the highest category, Ph.D. and the professor. A full range of services: analyzes, diagnostics, consultations and treatment. 

We accept without a policy, without registration, you can remain anonymous. 

The clinic is located 3-5 minutes walk from the metro. We work around the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year!


Phone: +74951510038

Address: пр. Вернадского, 37, к.1А, Москва, 119415