Yusupov Hospital

In 2014, a unique medical institution, the Yusupov Hospital, was opened in Moscow. This clinic is located in a historical place on Nagornaya Street, where at the beginning of the 19th century there was a hospital opened by a prominent Russian statesman, benefactor and philanthropist Boris Nikolayevich Yusupov (it was located near the Cheryomushki-Znamenskoye estate) genericforgreece.com.

The son of Catherine’s Governor-General of Moscow, Boris Nikolayevich combined public service with active charitable activities – he opened a hospice for orphans and widows of Russian military and sailors in St. for representatives of all classes (a surprising fact for that time). 

Each of the prince’s hospitals was supplied with all the necessary medicines, they contained a wide staff of pharmacists and doctors (often invited from abroad), ready to provide any necessary assistance to patients who applied.

The wooden building of the hospital, built in 1835, was lost at the end of the 19th century. However, in the documents of that era and in the memoirs of contemporaries, the spirit of philanthropy and progress, which distinguished the Yusupov hospitals, has reached our days.

Almost two centuries have passed since the time of Prince Yusupov, and a new clinic appeared in the same place. We considered it appropriate to name it in honor of the prince-patron in order to perpetuate the memory of the good deeds of the past years.

The New Yusupov Hospital is a four-storey detached building with a full range of modern equipment.

Today, the Yusupov hospital is designed to continue the glorious traditions of domestic medicine.

The structure of the hospital also includes: an outpatient department, a comfortable hospital, a resuscitation and intensive care unit, a diagnostic center, a surgical department with an angiographic operating room, and a computed tomography room. 

Regular scientific activities are carried out at the Yusupov hospital. We cooperate with research and practice centers aimed at comprehensively solving patients’ problems.


Phone: +74951350916

Address: Nagornaya Ulitsa, 17, к. 6, Moscow, Russia, 117186