China-Japan Friendship Hospital

China-Japan Friendship Hospital (CJFH), founded on October 23, 1984, is a large general hospital under the direct leadership of the National Health Commission (NHC).

With altogether 2,087 beds (including those operated at the North Campus and the West Campus), CJFH has been committed to delivering medical care, researching, and educating future professionals. It provides health care services to the senior officials of the Central Government, constitutes the national emergency rescue teams and serves as the administration and training center for telemedicine programs organized in the name of the NHC.

As one of the first foreign assistance projects after China’s reform and opening up, CJFH was the most international, modern hospital with the most advanced equipment at that time. Since its establishment, CJFH has been at the forefront of upgrading medical facilities and service and systematic reform in hospitals and endeavoring to be the most modernized hospital in China.

In its development of more than 30 years, CJFH has been living up to the statements of science and humanism, following the track of modern medicine while preserving the essence of traditional Chinese medicine. It ranked top in many aspects among hospitals regional or nationwide. Many professors have left behind them milestones in the past three decades with their academic achievements and medical professionalism.

As a designated A-class medical institution, CJFH has been awarded the title of “the best hospital for foreigners in Beijing” by the Association for Foreigners. Now, it has opened direct payment businesses with over 40 foreign commercial insurance companies.

CJFH has been winners of awards and holders of honorary titles for its remarkable achievements in Party construction and spiritual civilization, such as “National Civilized Unit” and “Capital Civilized Unit”.

With a statement committing itself to “Enterprising in Spirit, Righteous in Practice”, CJFH adheres to the management concept of “building platform for staff’s development” and undertakes the mission of “caring for life”, hoping to be a strong driving force for medical development, building itself into a modern hospital with the best management emphasizing both economic returns and technical advances. With the staff united as one and working hard, CJFH will embrace a bright future by achieving the development goals of improving ideas of its staff in the first year after the 30th anniversary, entering the stage of rapid development in the second year, and creating a new world in the third.

Address: 2 Yinghuayuan E St, Chaoyang, Beijing, China

Phone: +86 010-84205121