Chung-Ang University Hospital

Chung-Ang University Hospital has been operating an international medical center since 2009 to provide convenient and effective medical services for foreign patients. Currently, there is a coordinator who can speak English, Russian, Chinese, Mongolian and Japanese. International medical center coordinators from nurses provide 1: 1 one-stop service for prompt medical treatment for each patient, and provide convenience to use our medical services from appointment to consultation.

In addition, we operate an international patient-only room on the 8th floor of Dajeong Hall, and strive to enhance the satisfaction of international inpatients by providing TV channels for Russia and Mongolia and providing customized meals for each country. In order to receive high quality medical services from Chung-Ang University Hospital, patients from Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia, China, USA and other countries are coming to Chung-Ang University Hospital and putting more effort to ensure that international patients would continue to have high quality of services from us.


  • Specialized medical care for foreign patients
  • Robot thyroid surgery(malignant and benign disease)
  •  Breast cancer surgery
  •  Gastric cancer surgery(Robot surgery and laparoscopic surgery)

Address:224-1, Heukseok-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul

Phone:  02-6299-1140