Konkuk University Hospital International Medical Clinic

Konkuk University Medical Center (KUMC) is committed to high quality medical treatment, as well as continuous education and research, based on the founding spirit of Guryojemin (treatment of poor patients) to contribute to the healthy life of the human community.

Founded in 1931, KUMC has been using state-of-the-art medical technologies and advanced equipment since its opening in August 2005 in order to deliver the highest level of medical services.

In addition, we have been working to produce excellent medical personnel, who will lead the Korean medical community, through the Konkuk University Graduate School of Medicine.

KUMC will continue to lead medical advancement by combining medical treatment, education, and research with the rebirth of a research-centric hospital based on a progressive and challenging research spirit.

KUMC, where excellent medical staff from each field come together, will become not only a competent hospital, but also a friendly and comfortable hospital that cares of patients and their families with sincerity.

Address: 120-1,Neundong-ro, Gwangjin-gu,Seoul (Hwayand-dong)
Phone: 02-2030-8361