Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires

Every year, the Hospital attends 2,800,000 consultations, manages 46,500 discharges and performs 52,000 surgical procedures in its 41 operating rooms. It has an inpatient capacity of 785 beds, of which 200 are for critical care, and it has 800 home medicine beds. Its work team is made up of 9,237 people: 3,400 doctors, 3,337 members of the health staff and 2,500 people from the administrative sectors.

Regarding the assistance it provides, the Italian Hospital has more than 40 medical specialties, a complete diagnostic and treatment equipment, and a recognized professional staff.

It also has its own university dedicated to the comprehensive training of health professionals at all levels of training with 6 Bachelor’s degrees (Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, Lic. In Nursing, Pharmacy, Biochemistry and Lic. In Surgical Instrumentation), 26 careers Postgraduate studies, including a Doctorate in Health Sciences, 5 master’s degrees, 20 specialization careers and multiple continuous training activities for health professionals, both virtual and face-to-face. In turn, the University Institute manages all the in-service training programs for various specialties at the Italian Hospital: 49 residencies, 170 training grants and 17 assigned grants.

In order to promote scientific and technological development in order to transfer the discoveries of basic research and technological developments to the care of patients, the community and the national productive sector, in 2018 the Institute of Translational Medicine was created and Biomedical Engineering (IMTIB), an executing unit of triple dependency between CONICET, the University Institute and the Italian Hospital, expanding the research horizons for the three institutions that comprise it.


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Address: Pres. Tte. Gral. Juan Domingo Perón 4190, C1199 CABA, Argentina