La Pradera International Health Center

Established in November 1996 by Comandante Jefe Fidel Castro, La Pradera is among the foremost medical institutions in the island of Cuba, bringing together professional service with a uniquely ethical approach to the well-being and dignity of residents. It is staffed with multidisciplinary, multilingual, highly qualified medical personnel proficient both in meeting the needs of the residents in a responsive and individualized manner and in diagnosing and addressing any and all emerging medical needs similarly.

La Pradera is equipped with modern technology to carry out clinical evaluations, laboratory tests, and imaging investigations. The center is especially accomplished in the provision of specialized medical care in areas such as endocrinology (management of diabetic conditions), nephrology (management of kidney conditions), oncology, neuroscience, phoniatrics and other specialities. Here, residents receive solid case-by-case medical assessment, treatment and care of such conditions, hemodialysis, osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood-pressure, and respiratory ailments, as well as programs for weight loss, cosmetology and the stress reduction amongst others.

Particular attention is thus dedicated not only to the prevention and early detection of diseases and their treatment, but also to the holistic promotion of a healthy lifestyle with the interest of reducing risk-factors and ensuring the residents’ comprehensive well-being.

With its integrated approach to residents’ health, La Pradera is therefore particularly well-suited to meet the needs of the elderly, having designed rehabalitative programs that are specifically tailored to the improvement of the residents’ quality of life by working on restoring functionality and integration within an environment of both the natural beauty of Cuba and the extensive facilities available in the center itself. Here, your loved ones will not only have access to above-standard medical and rehabilitation services, in addition to and skilled nursing care not found in many of the world renown nursing and retirement facilities, such as cognitive therapy, functional therapy, and social interaction therapy, but much more. The center prides itself for being the globe’s only nursing and long-term facility with its own emergency department.

Address: y 15, Calle 230, Matanzas, Cuba

Phone: +53 7 2724273