Treatment & Care from Global Specialists

What do I do when I’m ill or injured overseas?

Travel-related illnesses such as deep venous thrombosis, stroke, heart attack, sickle cell crisis, renal colic and diabetes-related conditions could result in extended hospitalisation in a foreign country. When these issues arise. we are here to help you to negotiate the often-complex medical system in various foreign countries and give our expertise. Not only can we find you the right doctor if needed, we will also streamline your hospitalisation process, liaise with your insurance company for medical expenses, and provide loved ones with a daily update of your progress. We will also write a comprehensive discharge report for you to take back home to your physician of choice.

How can I utilise MICURAE?

In response to the increased demand for high-level medical needs and consult for individual and corporate global travellers, MICURAE, with its vast global network, strives to be your one stop shop. One call to our head office and the seamless network of care begins. No matter where you are in the world, we offer immediate access to internationally accredited healthcare providers who deliver comprehensive, individualised treatments. Your progress will be monitored by the MICURAE team and, if necessary, liaised with your doctor of choice back home.


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