Shanghai General Hospital

Shanghai General Hospital was founded in 1864 by French Consuls as one of the largest and the earliest western medicine hospitals in China. In 1992, it was firstly evaluated as Class A tertiary general hospitals by the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China. For 25 consecutive years, Shanghai General Hospital has been awarded as the civilized model unit by Shanghai municipal government.

In the past 153 years, Shanghai General Hospital is always in the leading position in national and local medical circle. With two campuses-north Hongkou Campus (No. 100 Haining Road, Hongkou District in Shanghai) and south Songjiang campus (No. 650 New Songjiang Road, Songjiang District in Shanghai), the hospital occupies a land area of 303,333 square meters, and is the hospital with the largest area in Shanghai at present.

The hospital is built into a first-class modern hospital in Shanghai and even in the world featured with low cost, high efficiency and superb clinical and management quality. There are 48 departments and 53 wards in Shanghai General Hospital, 8 out of which are national key clinic disciplines. They are cardiology department, ENT Department, Ophthalmology, Urology Department, Respiratory Department, Gastroenterology Department, General surgery Department, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oncology Department and Clinic Pharmacology. Four of them are identified as Shanghai Key Disciplines, including visual rehabilitation clinic medical center, Shanghai organ transplantation Clinical Center, Shanghai Cardiac emergency center and Shanghai emergency trauma center. National Ministry of Health approved Shanghai General Hospital as the Endoscopic training base because of the big number and high quality of our endoscopic cases.

Phone: 021-63240090

Address: 100 Haining Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai