Shanghai Fudan University HuaDong Hospital

Fudan University affiliated to the East China Hospital was established in 1951, its predecessor was built in 1921 named the Possessor Hospital.
The hospital has four medical buildings and also more than 10 supporting housing, which are occupied by medical, teaching, scientific research and disease prevention units, to the elderly comprehensive medicine characteristics, based in Shanghai, facing the domestic and foreign three-Class a comprehensive hospital.

At present, the hospital opened 1300 beds, the existing 44 clinical medical and technical departments, more than 2000 employees, of whom are, associate professor (Zheng, Deputy chief physician) 300 people, Doctoral tutor and master tutor a total of 60.

Advanced medical equipment, with the latest technology in the world’s digital operating room, The Da Vinci Robot, dual-source photon CT, high-resolution low-ray Gem CT, pet-ct, magnetic navigation angiography X-ray machine, SPECT, 3.0TMR, four-dimensional linear accelerator, such as a large number of high, precise, pointed diagnosis and treatment equipment East China Hospital is now from the hospital headquarters, the department of City Building Outpatient department, Kang Ping Lu out-patient Department, Minhang Outpatient department, Jing Yuan Medical Center and municipal organ Pudong Central Office Point Infirmary composition, has 11 clinical specialties–pancreatic surgery, hernia and abdominal wall surgery, urological surgery, digestive endoscopy, geriatric medicine, clinical nutrition, oncology, Osteoporosis, imaging medicine, minimally invasive surgery, breast disease diagnosis and treatment, as well as the national clinical key specialist-geriatric medicine (at the same time, Shanghai, the focus of the key disciplines of clinical medicine), the State administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine “Twelve-Five” key specialist-Traditional Chinese medicine department. Shanghai Institute of Geriatric Medicine (under the old age of dementia and anti-aging Research Laboratory, the Elderly Osteoporosis Research laboratory, the elderly clinical medicine and Health Research Department, Epidemiology Research Laboratory and the Department of Geriatric Pharmacy), the Shanghai Elderly Medical Clinic Key Laboratory, “geriatric Medicine and Health” magazine and who community elderly health Care Cooperation center , is Fudan University geriatric Medical Research Center, Shanghai Rehabilitation Medical Association, Shanghai Clinical Nutrition Quality Control center affiliated units.

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Address: 221 Yan ‘an West Road, Jing ‘an District, Shanghai