Shanghai Fudan University HuaShan Hospital

HuaShan Hospital has  1216 beds with 39 clinical departments.

10 key subjects in the Ministry of Education-neurosurgery, hand surgery, neurology, epidemiology, integrated Chinese and Western medicine, urology, kidney disease, Cardiovascular Department, Imaging Medicine and Nuclear Medicine, general surgery, 20 national clinical key specialists-orthopedics, nursing, laboratory, Key Laboratory (hand surgery), Key laboratories (antibiotics), endocrinology, Neurosurgery, Hand Surgery, Department of Neurology, Traditional Chinese Medicine (lung), dermatology, urology, nephrology, surgery, digestive, oncology, infection, rehabilitation medicine, sports medicine, medical imaging, Shanghai Clinical Quality Control Center 7–Clinical medicine, Neurology,

Dermatology, laser treatment, nuclear medicine, occupational disease diagnosis, neurosurgery, with 1 who research and Training cooperation Center, 3 Ministries of Health and Shanghai Key Laboratory, all kinds of research institutes, the center of nearly 20. At the beginning of 20th century Huashan Hospital and the Harvard Medical School Massachusetts General Hospital, as a sister hospital, Harvard Medical School in the world’s 15th United Hospital. Professors and doctors from Harvard Medical School regularly carry out academic exchanges and lectures at Huashan Hospital, and the hospital chooses, sends young experts and academics and management cadres to Harvard for training.

In addition, the hospital also cooperates with Mayo Clinic, the University of Birmingham in the UK, the hospital in northern Japan, the University of Vienna Medical University, USC, and other institutions to introduce the highest international standards of medical technology and management to improve the strength and brand of hospitals in a comprehensive way.

East Campus of Huashan Hospital is located in the Jinqiao area of Shanghai Pudong, adjacent to the Blue Cloud international community.

China Shandong Institute covers an area of nearly 50 acres, beautiful environment, perfect facilities, in addition to the CyberKnife and other international advanced medical equipment, DSA, MRI, CT, color Doppler medical facilities are also readily available. has more than 200 hospital beds, 40 beds in the guardianship room, clinical subjects include dermatology, neurosurgery, neurology, shooting Knife Therapy Center, general Internal Medicine, Endocrine Division, Digestive Department, Sports Medicine Department, Infection department, Heart Medicine, respiratory department, integrated Chinese and Western medicine, plastic surgery, venous catheter nursing, gynecology, General surgery, pain Department, Subjects such as the Department of Severe medicine and anesthesiology, and the establishment of health management centers and famous doctors and international departments, such as the beginning of August 2010 with the Harmony home to open the international out-patient clinics are: General, paediatrics, gynecology, Internal Medicine, otolaryngology, Urology, Endocrine division, dermatology, Digestive Department, psychological department.

As a complementary medical institution of the international community, the eastern court has largely solved the problem of medical treatment for the international community and the surrounding foreigners, and it is a comprehensive state-owned public hospital with special services, which provides health management service and expert appointment service for doctors ‘ workshops.

The North courtyard of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University is a regional medical center for suburban residents in northern Shanghai. Huashan North Courtyard is located in Baoshan Gu Village area approved 600 beds. There are 38 clinical and medical technical departments, inside and outside, women, children and middle class.

Huashan’s neurosurgery, neurology, dermatology, infection, and other key disciplines of the Ministry of Education and the Department of Health clinical key specialist are open in the North courtyard.
The Huashan Clinical Center (West Courtyard) affiliated to Fudan University is located in Hongqiao International Traffic pivot button. Building main body from outpatient, emergency first aid, medical technology, hospitalization, scientific research Office five parts, to form the image Test center, radiotherapy and Chemotherapy center, Surgery Center, Rehabilitation Center, Information Center five functional blocks, supporting the international advanced medical equipment The total number of beds is set at 800.

Phone: +86 21 5288 9999

Address: No. 12 Middle Urumqi Road, Jing ‘an District, Shanghai