ChongQing People’s Hospital

ChongQing People’s Hospital is the original ChongQing third People’s Hospital and the city Zhongshan Hospital merged. The new hospital covers an area of 141 acres, the construction of which includes outpatient, hospitalization, medical technology, general practitioner of clinical training base, hospital first phase of the project set up 1000 beds.

ChongQing People’s Hospital new hospital address for the North River area according to the northern foot of the mountain, the construction of the total size of 141 acres, 1500 beds, then for the north-North River new area of 530,000 people to provide a strong medical protection. The merged ChingQing People’s Hospital currently has three courtyard districts, the original city three courtyard is called “the three Courtyard area”, the original city Zhongshan hospital belongs to two courtyard areas respectively called “the Zhongshan Courtyard area” and “the Jiangbei courtyard area”. The establishment of ChongQing People’s Hospital, the future will be affiliated with ChongQing Medical University Hospital and the third Military Medical University affiliated Department of Military Hospital to form the ChongQing medical institutions of the three-male situation, to become a city-level medical leader.

Phone: +86 023 63515265

Address: No. 104, Pipa Mountain Main Street, Yuzhong District, Chongqing