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Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University is a state-owned institution of the National Health and Health Committee and a comprehensive teaching hospital affiliated to Fudan University. Opened in 1937, the hospital was one of the first large-scale general hospitals created and administered by the Chinese people, affiliated to the National Shanghai Medical College and named after Sun Yat-sen, the pioneer of the Chinese democratic revolution.
After the liberation of Shanghai’s first medical school affiliated Zhongshan Hospital and Shanghai Medical University affiliated Zhongshan Hospital, in 2001 to use the present name, used so far, is the first batch of three-class hospital in Shanghai. After 80 years of development, Zhongshan Hospital headquarters covers an area of 96,000 square meters, the total construction area of 358,000 square meters, 2005 beds approved. The number of outpatient emergency visits amounted to more than 4 million people, 150,000 patients discharged from hospital, and nearly 100,000 patients in inpatient surgery.
The entire hospital staff 4,000 people, has the Chinese Academy of Sciences 2 people, China Engineering Academy Academician 2 people, senior title 600 many people.
Medical Hospital departments complete, comprehensive strength. The diagnosis and treatment of heart, liver, kidney and lung diseases is the key and characteristic of the hospital, and the level of diagnosis and treatment is always in the domestic leading position The hospital has the national clinical key Specialized construction project 18: Department of Gastroenterology, laboratory, anesthesia, cardiovascular medicine, endocrine, thoracic surgery, cardiac vascular surgery, clinical nursing, Chinese medicine encephalopathy, respiratory medicine, kidney disease, general surgery, severe medicine, oncology, medical imaging, organ transplant Department, Department of Emergency Medicine and neurology; 1 improvement projects in the diagnosis and treatment of state difficult diseases: cardio-cerebrovascular disease; Shanghai Clinical Medicine Center (3): Cardiovascular disease, liver tumor and kidney disease; There are 8 clinical quality control centers in Shanghai: nosocomial infection, ultrasonic diagnosis, respiratory medicine, cardiovascular medicine,
Thoracic and cardiac surgery, general surgery, General Hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine work and hemodialysis. The hospital has advanced medical equipment, including spiral fault adaptive Radiotherapy System (Tomo), PET-CT, 320-row 640-layer overspeed spiral CT, All-digital flat-panel angiography machine (DSA), linear Accelerator, 3.0T MRI scanner, Da Vinci robotic Surgery system, Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), digital x-ray imaging System (DR), intensive care system and telemedicine teaching system and so on.
To build and perfect the clinical information system with electronic medical record as the core, and to build “digital hospital” is the first grade 6 certification Hospital of Shanghai through HIMSS Emram (medical and health information and Management System Association electronic medical Record Application maturity model). Actively undertake various public welfare tasks. Appointed by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, since 2011, the annual formation of national medical team, far away to Xinjiang, Yunnan, Qinghai, Sichuan, Anhui and other provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions of the old, small, border, poor areas to carry out mobile health work. Successively supporting the second people’s Hospital in Kashi, Xinjiang, Yunnan province Fuyuan County People’s Hospital, the People’s Hospital of Tibet, the Qujing of Yunnan Province, the second People’s Hospital, Tibet Chaya County Health Service Center, the comprehensive rebuilding work has achieved good results.
Every year, organize all kinds of large-scale free clinics, counseling and other activities, brand activities “Zhongshan Health Promotion Forum” so far more than 600 experts boarded the “podium” to carry out health talks, benefiting more than 250,000 listeners, the distribution of medical science data 420,000 copies, popular with the masses.
Scientific research With 13 national key subjects, 3 provincial and ministerial engineering research centers, provincial and ministerial Key Laboratory 5, Shanghai “top priority” clinical Medicine Center 3, Shanghai key disciplines 2, Shanghai, “top priority” clinical Medicine 2, Shanghai, 2 key disciplines of medicine, Shanghai, the important weak disciplines 4, Shanghai Municipal Public Health key disciplines 6, Shanghai Institute of 8, Fudan University research institutions 13.

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